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Group by: Team Location Role
Title Team Location PQE Ref
Casualty Birmingham
Associate Casualty Birmingham Birmingham 5 years + 1855
Solicitor Casualty Birmingham Birmingham NQ 1814
Solicitor Casualty Birmingham Birmingham 0-2 1858
Solicitor 2-4 YR PQE Casualty Birmingham Casualty Birmingham Birmingham 2-4 1843
Casualty Guildford
Paralegal Casualty Guildford London NQ 1865
Solicitor Casualty Guildford London 0-4 1860
Casualty Liverpool 1
Associate Casualty Liverpool 1 Liverpool 4 years + 1864
Associate Casualty Liverpool 1 Liverpool 4 years + 1874
Casualty Manchester
Administration Assistant Casualty Manchester Leeds Not applicable 1829
Solicitor or Associate Casualty Manchester Manchester 4 years + 1841
Commercial National
Associate Commercial National Manchester 3 years + 1830
Associate Corporate 3YRS + PQE Corporate Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle 3 years + 1781
Data Services
MI Co-ordinator Data Services Liverpool Not applicable 1876
EPI Birmingham
Solicitor or Associate 3-6YR PQE Any location excluding London EPI Birmingham All locations excluding London 3-6 1741
EPI Liverpool
Solicitor or Associate EPI Liverpool 3-6YR PQE EPI Liverpool Liverpool 3-6 1852
Healthcare Birmingham 1
Paralegal Healthcare Birmingham 1 Birmingham Not applicable 1859
Healthcare Birmingham 2
Associate Healthcare Birmingham 2 Birmingham 5 years + 1790
Solicitor Healthcare Birmingham 2 Birmingham 3 years + 1825
Insolvency and Recoveries
Associate Insolvency and Recoveries Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle 3 years + 1754
Paralegal Insolvency and Recoveries Birmingham, Leeds or Liverpool Not applicable 1832
Learning and Development
eLearning Coordinator Learning and Development Liverpool Not applicable 1872
Associate or Principal Associate Litigation Birmingham or Liverpool 5 years + 1778
Associate or Principal Associate Litigation National 5 years + 1660
Employed Barrister Litigation National 2-6 1682
Litigation National
Paralegal Litigation National Litigation National National Not applicable 1856
London Healthcare
Paralegal London Healthcare Unspecified Not applicable 1862
North West Healthcare 1
Paralegal North West Healthcare 1 Liverpool Not applicable 1850
North West Healthcare 2
Paralegal North West Healthcare 2 Liverpool Not applicable 1866
Planning Solicitor or Associate 1-5YR PQE Planning Leeds 1 year + 1826
Planning and Construction
Principal Associate 7-8 YR PQE Construction Planning and Construction Manchester 7 years + 1853
Solicitor or Associate 0-5 YR PQE Construction Planning and Construction Manchester 0-4 1854
Real Estate Midlands and South
Solicitor or Associate 4-6 YR PQE Real Estate Midlands and South London 4-6 1846
Real Estate Newcastle Glasgow
Associate 4YRS + PQE Real Estate Newcastle Real Estate Newcastle Glasgow Newcastle 4 years + 1847
Regulatory Environment
Principal Associate Environment Regulatory Environment Flexible 5 years + 1824
Regulatory Midlands and South
Business and Financial Crime Associate or Barrister (3-7yrs PQE or call) Regulatory Midlands and South London preferred will consider national 3 years + 1870
Regulatory North
Paralegal Regulatory Regulatory North Liverpool Not applicable 1868
Risk Management
Information Security Assistant Risk Management Liverpool Not applicable 1857
Facilities Assistant Services Liverpool Not applicable 1837
Wills, Trusts and Estates (WTE)
Senior Administration Assistant Wills, Trusts and Estates (WTE) Liverpool Not applicable 1873

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